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OUR TITLE AND CLOSING SERVICES (scroll down for more)



Insured, in-house produced title for refinance bundled with our centralized settlement services and a mobile notary signing for greatest efficiency.


Services include:


  • Review of preliminary report/commitment

  • Clearance of preliminary title report/commitment or other title products

  • Estimated HUD-1 preparation

  • Review of and ordering insurance

  • Preparation of escrow instructions

  • Review of loan documents

  • Scheduling of loan signing

  • Validation of all parties' identities

  • Witness execution

  • Acknowledgement of documents

  • Funding and disbursement of escrowed funds

  • Scanning of signed loan documents

  • Recording services

  • Filing of mortgage



Indeed Abstract works with loan servicers, asset managers and lenders providing a full line of default services products.  We can customize services for our customers whether it is for a single loan or a large portfolio of loans.  Allow us to tailor our services to your needs and workflow.  We understand that accuracy, compliance and communication are critical, making them our top priority.


  • Mortgage Modifications

  • Document execution and recording

  • Customized Property Reports

  • Title and tax reports

  • Curative title work

  • Title policies

  • Property due dilegence reports



Coordination of the entire purchase transaction.


  • Order all property searches

  • Produce title commitment

  • Clearance of title exceptions

  • Estimated HUD-1 preparation

  • Review of loan documents

  • Scheduling of settlement

  • Conduct closing

  • Disburse funds

  • Record closing documents

  • Scanning of all closing documents, including recorded documents





  • We offer customized, cost effective property reports for a variety of uses.

  • These reports feature fast tuntimes and include lien, judgement and tax information on the subject property.

  • Used by real estate professionals, attorneys, asset managers and lenders.

  • An excellent product for lenders offering a rehab product, allowing them to check for encumbrances prior to releasing funds.



Indeed Abstract is dedicated to helping seniors and retirees gain personal and financial independence. Our staff is knowledgeable and sensitive to the special care that must go into each Reverse Mortgage transaction. We will work closely with the customers to assist them through the loan transaction - clearly outlining the title process and costs. We will treat client's dignity and privacy with paramount importance and follow all federal, state and administrative laws, ensuring a smooth and accurate closing.

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